For the french Chardonnay Lovers

Matisco Macon, Burgundy

Lovers of French Chardonnay are well aware that white Burgundy has become more and more difficult to navigate in recent years; it wasn’t that long ago you could find a decent, estate grown Mâcon for $15. Those days are now, sadly, mere memories of a bygone era. However, the dream at Maison Matisco is to offer quality-driven, estate grown, organic Mâcon Chardonnay at affordable prices; Mâcon should be something anyone can enjoy! Easier said than done, but brothers Richard and Stéphane Martin are able to accomplish the task with deftness and poise. Stéphane works the vineyards, boots in the dirt and eyes on the vines, and Richard manages the winery and cellar, ushering each harvest from vine to bottle.

What to expect: The Mâcon-Peronne shows beautiful expressions of spiced yellow apple, green tea, and lemon zest with a persistent mineral backbone. It is fresh, vibrant, and eminently versatile with food. The Saint-Véran is a touch more serious: elegantly produced Burgundy, rich and concentrated in body and texture, but precise and focused in expression. Similar in fruit character to the Peronne, golden apples and Asian pear, but with complex floral tones, a honeyed (yet never sweet) saturation, and a dash of crushed almonds. Delicious, and dare we say the perfect Thanksgiving white?