November ClubWS 2024

From May until September, we’ll be doing Club•WS|mix, where you can enjoy a little red, a little white, and some rosé!

The Club is available for pickup as of Thursday, June 6th.


Pietrin and Rosina’s two sons, Giovanni and Carlo, eventually took over the estate and expanded it by purchasing adjacent vineyard plots…The wine itself is dry, low in alcohol, smooth, and flavorful, with Tintero’s signature frizzante giving just the faintest hint of bubbles to liven it up…to learn more, join our club!

Food Pairings: Lemongrass tofu and broccoli (see recipe included)

White Blend

Souleil’s story starts in a sun-drenched wine region of southern France along the Mediterranean Sea, where founders Marianne and Thomas grew up surfing and shucking oysters….On the nose, high-toned aromas of white peach, tropical fruits, salty sea air, and a touch of dried herbs…to learn more, join our club!

Food Pairings: Grilled Chicken


“The Vineyard is situated 15 km South of Nîmes near the village of Manduel, right in the heart of the ‘Appellation d’Origine Protégée’ Costières de Nîmes…This rosé has a nice appearance with a light and fresh pink color. A particularly fruity taste of raspberries and strawberries…to learn more, join our club!

Food Pairings: Appetizers, light cheeses


“Tasting this superb raw material sparked an idea, and with the 2009 vintage the first “Monferrato Rosso – Selected by Kermit Lynch”…liquid rose petals and wild strawberries. Seductive, supple, and marvelously perfumed…to learn more, join our club!

Food Pairings: Anything off the grill