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Hands Off

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Producer: Hands Off
Country: Germany
Region: Rhine
Features: Low intervention, 250ml
Farming Method: Sustainable

"HANDS OFF is a brand of canned wines presenting Low Intervention wines sourced from the great viticultural regions of Europe. All grown in the famous Rhine area."
(250ml each can)

• PERLWEIN - Scheurebe & Sauvignon Blanc • Sparkling

APPEARANCE: "Yellow and green with delicate bubbles. NOSE: Fine small bubbles feel like pearls on the tongue, very intense aromas of apples, grapefruit and lime. PALATE: Fresh, invigorating peach notes, some nectarine and ripe apples."

• PINOT GRIS - Still wine

APPEARANCE: "Pale yellow hue with orange tones. NOSE: Very intense aromas of pear and ripe apples, grapefruit and a hint of fresh herbes. PALATE: Balanced sweetness and long reverberation. creaminess and minerality. Full-bodied, harmonious, uncomplicated!"

• PINOT NOIR - Still wine

APPEARANCE: "Velvety, soft ruby red in the glass. NOSE: Juicy cherry aromas and concentrated dark fruit PALATE: Fruit, ripe tannins and a long, fine finish are the strengths of this wonderful grape variety"

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