Women Producers Month – Elisa Gueneau

Celebrating Women History Month

Elisa and her family have a deep connection to the land and their vineyards, which have been a part of their family for generations. They understand the importance of taking care of the soil and the environment to preserve the terroir and produce high-quality wines. The Gueneau estate’s vineyards are located on steep slopes that require careful attention and maintenance. Elisa observes her plots throughout the year to ensure that the vines receive the care they need. She keeps grass between the rows of vines, which helps to prevent erosion and provides a natural habitat for beneficial insects and microorganisms. By working the soil around the base of the vines, she promotes healthy root growth and improves the soil’s fertility.

The estate’s focus on environmentally responsible practices is evident in its approach to farming. They use sustainable farming practices, such as minimal tillage, cover cropping, and natural pest management, to minimize their environmental impact. They also use organic and biodynamic farming techniques to enhance the quality of the soil and promote biodiversity.

The result of this careful attention to the land and the environment is a range of flavorful and complex wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Sancerre region. Sauvignon Blanc, which represents 75% of the estate’s production, benefits from the calcareous clay soils, which give it body and richness. The red and rosé wines, made from Pinot Noir, benefit from the stony soils, which lend fruity notes to the wine.  Overall, Elisa’s approach to winemaking is focused on finding the balance between the needs of the vines and the respect of the terroir. By working with the land and the environment, she and her family are able to produce exceptional wines that reflect their passion and commitment to the land.

What to Expect: Les Terres Blanches, Sancerre. The dominant fruit flavors are white grapefruit, underripe papaya, and cactus pear. The acidity of the wine is precise and prickly, with a persistent flavor of fresh sage and resinous hoppy herbaceousness. The finish of the wine is like a wet shiny white stone.

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