Sipping Our Way Into Autumn

So, do I want red or white? Settling into the fall groove, sometimes we just want to sip something tasty but not too big or complicated. We still have warm days here and there, and perhaps the food we’re preparing at home isn’t yet as complex as our meal planning during the colder months.

What’s that grape again…? Pineau d’Aunis

Playful as the label suggests, Les Équilibristes, Babil is easy-drinking, light in color, and aromatic. This particular production is from Côteaux du Vendômois, which isn’t the best-known area in the Loire Valley. But trust me, it’s there. A collaborative of nine winemakers, cultivating only grape varieties that express the true terroir, with organic farming methods, a biodynamic winemaking approach, and minimal use of sulfur.