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Couly-Dutheil: Tasting

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Wednesday, February 14 2024

• From 5 to 7

Domaine Couly Dutheil is a production of all Cabernet Franc, the grape of the best red wines from the Loire Valley.

My red taste generally gravitates towards lean, light, and complex. However, I look for bolder character and intensity during the colder months. Because I love to cook while enjoying time at home, one of my favorite things is finding wines to enhance my dining experience. Loire wine is a food wine that goes well with all types of cuisine. It’s fruity (not dumb) and elegant, not overpowering.

Arnaud Couly—the winemaker at Domaine Couly-Dutheil—knows a thing or two about making a killer wine, and it’s no surprise he’s represented on most of the best wine lists in France. I’ve admired this production since I was first introduced back in 2009. Shortly after meeting the importer, we did a back-vintages tasting at the shop—one of my fondest memories of tasting beautifully done wines, some more than 25 years old.

For this February 14th, Valentine’s Day, Emily Carr and I have arranged another back-vintages tasting of Domaine Couly Dutheil. Some date back to the 90s. Don’t miss this incredible experience. From 5 to 7—$50 per person. RSVP to reserve your spot now. Tickets are limited and not refundable.

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