Leveling up food pairing with Chasselas/Gutedel

Chasselas/Gutedel Grapes wine-sense
Located in the upper part of the Rhine, Baden is the third-largest wine producing region in Germany. Shielded by the Black Forest and the Oden Forest, its sunny climate lends more ripeness and natural sugar to the grapes. The 16000 hectares of vineyards are arranged in a L-shape and are composed of nine subregions, each of which expresses unique soil and climate differences.
OK, enough about geography! I want to talk to you about the grape that I have always been enamored with: Chasselas/Gutedel. Generally grown in Switzerland, France, Germany, and Portugal, this grape is rarely see here in the US. The moment I heard my friends were representing a producer who focuses on this varietal, I brought it to the shop right away. Especially once I learned about the producer himself, his farming methods, and the philosophy of his work. Thomas Harteneck has been practicing Biodynamic farming for over 25 years under the Demeter umbrella. He has curiosity and respect for how humans, animals, and the overall environment interact in a reciprocal partnership. What I most admire about his thinking is that this synergy doesn’t stop with farming style but continues well beyond the vineyard walls.

What to expect: “Noble – harmonious – lively! Soft yellow color in the glass, the scent is characterized by pear and elderflower and is underlined by a light yeast aroma. Fruity on the palate, harmonious and mild in acidity. Very drinkable, leaves you wanting more.”