Club•WS: November is Ready

November ClubWS 2023

Thanksgiving is nearly here, so entertain your family and friends’ taste buds with Club•WS. The November club is packed with friendly and food-focused wines, and yes, a little surprise too. I know I said Club Red starts in October, but how could we have a holiday without a few bubbles? We hope you’ll enjoy them!

The winery is a model for the modern production of wines, using innovative processes from start to finish. For example, since 2010 the winery has run entirely on solar power. 

In 2018, Santomè obtained SNQPI certification from the Italian government for using integrated and sustainable production techniques from the vineyards to the wines. Look for the bee on the back of the bottle…a young, fragrant scent, red berries, most notably raspberry and cherries.

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