Chiaretto Offer | 2022 Rivera del Garda Classico Rosé

Marangona Chiaretto

Indulge in the exquisite Chiaretto, a delicate and elegant rosato wine from the Lombardia region of Italy, carefully crafted by Marangona’s fourth-generation winemaker, Alessandro Cutolo. This gorgeous rosé is a blend of four red grape varieties: Groppello, Marzemino, Barbera, and Sangiovese, grown on a limited 1-hectare plot of 30-year-old vines, giving it a unique character and personality.

As per DOC law, this rosato wine must have a pale color, and Marangona’s Chiaretto precisely embodies this requirement, with its charming, light-pink hue. The wine is aged entirely in stainless steel, allowing its bright aromas of wild red berries, hay, chamomile, and bread dough to take center stage. On the palate, you will experience a delightful blend of crushed strawberry, juicy cherry, and a hint of fennel, all brought to life by its crisp acidity, orange zest, and refreshing saline notes.

Garda Marangona, Chiaretto, Rosé
The 2022 vintage in the Rivera del Garda Classico DOC was marked by a warm growing season, which resulted in wines of added character, including this exquisite rosato, which boasts more ripeness yet balanced and notable acidity, making it a perfect match for seafood, grilled salmon, chicken, or pork.

The story behind the name Marangona adds a touch of nostalgia to this already charming wine. The name refers to a bell that was rung to signify the end of the workday, which is still present on the farm. This attention to detail is mirrored in Alessandro’s meticulous winemaking style, which emphasizes low-intervention viticulture and sustainable farming practices. Embrace the unique personality of Marangona’s Chiaretto and experience a taste of Lombardia’s exquisite wine culture.